Island Grown Lettuce, Kale, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers



Kauai Fresh Farms began growing hydroponic produce with our Rain Gardens Salad Mix. Available island-wide in 7-ounce zip bags, it features a blend of eight varieties of lettuce, each grown to crisp perfection. Our mix includes butter lettuce, romaine, ruffly lolo rosa, and a variety of reds to add color and unbeatable flavor. We harvest our lettuce by hand early in the morning at our mountainside greenhouse, with careful quality control to ensure that each bag is a perfect mix. We deliver our own produce, so the lettuce you see in your local store is as freshly harvested as possible. Look for us in your Kauai market.


Kale is the newest addition to our hydroponic growing system!

It is used by many of the local restaurants and it is also available island wide in 8-ounce bags at Kauai retailers.

Our kale is fresh and crisp and in high demand. Photos will be added soon!


Beefsteak Tomatoes

We began growing tomatoes on Kaua`i's North Shore in 2008, and they have been in high demand every since. Dedicated and detailed care of the plants make it possible for us to grow excellent, fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes, even in our challenging tropical environment. Unlike other tomatoes that are shipped to Kauai, ours actually taste like tomatoes! Our produce is preferred by the finest restaurants on the island, and available for purchase at your local market. They taste so fresh because they are -- as an island grower, we deliver our own produce within hours of harvest.
Japanese Cucumbers

Our Japanese Cucumbers are consistently the best cucumbers available. They are extraordinary, as we grow them to be as large and shiny as English cucumbers, yet their bright flavor and thin edible skin makes them distinctively Japanese in their quality and taste. Cucumbers are always better fresh and ours are the freshest possible. Our produce is available at Kauai sunshine markets as well as stores around the island.

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